Ronald T. Dodge Company has extensive capabilities and technology in the complex field of microencapsulation. We serve clients around the world with technology platforms using both chemical and physical techniques and methods. Capsule formation ranges from the nano particle level to 3.00mm. With over 29 years of experience, from serving corporations to government, we strive to tailor our services to each individual need while maintaining quality and cost effectiveness.

Microencapsulation is the process of enclosing a core material inside a miniature capsule. These capsules are called microcapsules. The core material inside the microcapsule is usually a solid or a liquid, though a gas may also be used. The capsule wall is made of a variety of materials such as gelatin, wax, natural substances, plastic, or other compounds.

Microcapsules can be designed to deliver core materials slowly over time. The typical methods of release are bursting, diffusion, dissolution or constant. This helps regulate the controlled release over time or locations of choice for the most effective performance of the core substance.



Basic Structures

Encapsulation Techniques
Chemical Techniques and Methods:
bulletPatented Macroemulsion Process

Physical Techniques and Methods:
bulletVapor Phase Deposition (Parylene Coating)
bulletFluid Bed Coating
bulletEntrapment / Matrix Encapsulations


Other Techniques